Thursday 23 May 2013

Tickling round the edges

No real progress this evening, just a bit of prep for the final push.

Added the wires that will go from the pots to the ground bus (and fixed the cap that was going to the wrong lug of the volume pot on the tremolo channel).  Still need a bit of thin bus wire from the tremolo channel input jacks to the main ground bus.

Turret board fully wired and bolted in place:

I did a bit of retwisting of the valve heater wiring and I'm a bit happier with the main run of it now.  Now just need to find a way of holding it in place.  All the wires from the turret board are in place and run approximately to the right valve / pot.  Spotted a wire I've missed from the normal channel vol pot to C1 which will be a bugger to add.  Glad I spotted it though.

Ready for the final wiring at the weekend.

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