Wednesday 15 May 2013

Pliers, strippers and snippers

Here's the selection that I use regularly:

Clockwise from top left:

Strippers - a recent purchase.  Cheap, feel cheap, but work well.
Big pliers - Wickes special.  Good for big jobs or just weighting things down.
Needle-nose pliers - Good for bending loops in wire for turret soldering.  Stolen from my pal Tom who's now bought a replacement so I'm keeping them.
Draper multi-snippers / strippers / benders - over-engineered and overpriced.  I rarely use them.
Stripper / side cutters - crap for wire stripping and poorly made (this is the second set after one of the cutting blades sheared off the first one).  I've not found a better pair of light duty side cutters though.  Great for trimming components legs from PCBs when you want to get a really neat finish.

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